sorry for the sudden flood of new posts – I’ve got a moment for a breather and I want to get everything down before I have to take off again.

First off: if this isn’t the most naturally beautiful video ever in the history of our planet, I don’t know what is.

I don’t know if I can sing enough praises about Sir David. I didn’t think anyone could eclipse my love for Stephen Fry, and 3 years ago, someone did. Sir David is my hero. He recently celebrated his 86th birthday. May he live a long and healthy life.

Also on the dashboard are my wishes for this summer.

I want the best summer impossible. I’d always been hard on myself, taking the “work hard” part of “work hard, play hard” a little too seriously. This summer, I am going to see and hear and do everything I’ve always wanted to do. I am going to dedicate myself to total happiness.

That’s a decent aspiration, isn’t it?

To begin with, I am going to document the moments. I used to keep a daily journal in my younger years – reading it has been a travel back in time. All those trivial incidents that seemed like THE END OF THE WORLD AS I KNEW IT. Oh, the innocence of youth. There were many uncried tears, but I suspect everyone had to go through that.

I am going to see the Picasso exhibition tomorrow with a dear chum and have french food afterwards. I’m already eyeing the mussels! And the day after that, I will meet up with another high school pal and gossip and pig out on korean cuisine (she’s partial to kimbap). The TSO has these Brahms tickets on sale, so hopefully, I can find someone to go to that with. (Yo Yo Ma‘s in town! sigh, if only the tickets weren’t so pricey for my student bank account)

My trusty hobo leather tote broke. I need to find some sort of clip to fix it up. Some people might buy another bag, I suppose – but the actual body of the bag is in great condition, and I don’t see the need to spend unnecessarily. With that money saved, I am going to buy those magazines I’ve been craving – the ones with beautiful art and cost way too much for a magazine.

I am going to enjoy the great outdoors now!

PS. Should I check out Dr. Who? I’m not much of a sci-fi gal but there are hordes of people who are literally insane (in a good way).

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