Daily Archives: May 14, 2012


Goodness me, I’ve been exceedingly busy, but happily so! I hope everyone is enjoying the gloriously cool weather we’ve been blessed with these past two weeks. I’ve got a couple of trips and projects coming up, so posting will be irregular. But fear not – writing here has become an integrated part of my expressive life, so 3woodlands will NOT be abandoned for long periods of time.

OK – Back on track: I finally made an appointment w/ my eye doctor, made plans to see my chums, etc – so things are getting figured out and will hopefully get off my TO-DO List.

I painted my nails, for the first time in 2012 – this isn’t terribly exciting, but it signifies that I at least had enough free time for them nails to dry w/out seriously messing this up.

I saw a lawn sprinkler in action for the first time in 2012 today! It made a big impression on me, I suppose I wasn’t fully accepting of that fact that spring is HERE! In other news, Johnny Depp has another strange movie, I want to go to to New Zealand/ Africa and oh, Happy Mother’s Day to all who deserve it!

PS. I’ve got a CANOE review and a shopping haul summary in the works.