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I’m so glad people are responding favorably to the addition of images and other media to this blog!

Anyway, I was appalled at the amount of grammatical and spell mistakes peppered through my posts. I know I once said it didn’t bother me, but well, my lack of literary vanity has a limit too – so I’ll be tech-editing as many posts as my ego can stand.

EDIT: I only got through 5 posts and now I’m bored. Ta-da!

PS. For those lucky folks w/ an ipad – I’ve enabled OnSwipe!

a continuous line

This blog is amazing. This is one of my summer resolutions: sketch a page a day.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I have been in love with this for quite some time (perhaps I should do a post on my favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments!). She crafts such insightful and (gasp!) thoughtful posts. Perhaps one day I can easily squeeze out entries such as hers without it being a total fiasco.


I realized, during my frenzied posting, the reason why I was so hesitant to publish entries in the early days of this blog.

I was too concerned with whether my thoughts were meaningful enough to jot down. I was too caught up in making sure they were all polished and whatnot (ha! what a joke).

Sometime in the last year, I managed to shed (or turn a blind eye to, I’m not sure which) that worry. I’m not being graded, I am not being judged (and if I am, well, I’m not aware of it, at least), and it’s all subjective.

I’m really thankful to have lost that weight on my shoulders. I have a tendency to obsess over perfection. And to be honest, most of the time, I’m not entirely certain what that means. Perfection is changeable, anyway.

PS. I’m doing my nails right now. See if that adds any context to this post.

I swear I’m not like Neo at the beginning of The Matrix. The lighting just came out really dark!

A Bit of Canoe

I’m a frequent customer of the Oliver & Bonacini Cafe (but not since their renovations had completed–though the menu looks essentially the same) and I’ve been itching to try their other, higher-end locations. In this case, we had a few hours to spare and decided to go to CANOE (headed by executive chef Anthony Walsh and located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower)

(Parking was a nightmare, subway is the way to go!) As we didn’t plan this outing ahead of time, we were fairely casually dressed in a crowd of high-power business men and women. When we arrived on the 54th floor, a hostess in a dress suit and heels apologetically told us that all their tables were full and “would we mind sitting at the bar?” We didn’t, as we were promised a comprehensive view of the open kitchen. Those of you who have been with me on this blog know how much I dearly love behind the scenes actions. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Our view – the prep station. The gentleman in the centre was most helpful. He told time to explain each dish as it arrived. He was hilarious as well, it’s a shame I can’t remember his name. PS. The butter that came with the bread was super creamy, I completely ignored the spread next to it (pictured)

[Wellington County Steak Tartare] darling presentation. The combination of the varying textures and flavour profiles were really intersting (and no, I don’t mean that as a placeholder). The tender beef tartare and the crisp crunch of the ookstown chip was well balanced – as was the super moist buffalo mozzarella (which simply melted in my mouth) and that tart sweet raifort (rhubarb) juice!

[Oyster Boy’s Finest Half Dozen] I’m a bit squeamish about raw meats and fish – but this and the tartare course proved me wrong! The oysters are accompanied by shallot vinegar (on the left, and unappreciated by my palate) and the 54 smoker hot sauce. I liked the oysters at the bottom of the photo best, the upper three tasted, for lack of better words, too gamey/wild (and VERY salty).

Guelph Navy Beans, Seared Leeks, Squash Puree & Curry Sauce

[Blue European Sea Bass] The bass was cooked to perfection! The skin was crisp and the meat, tender. I wasn’t a fan of the curious orange cubes as they were very sour and felt alien to the dish. The beans were a bit bland too (apparently they are navy beans? They’ve obviously been skinned), although the puree and curry sauce helped.

My companion chose the lamb – to be cooked “medium well”. It’s such a shame because I stole a bite and it was fantastic. Just think how much better it’d taste at a rare-medium.

Three Grain Risotto Caraway Yogurt & Roasted Garlic

[Roasted Alberta Lamb] This dish was the most simply described on the menu. My companion was alarmed when I explained that risotto is made of “rice”. Nonetheless, the cut of lamb was superb – very lean but still full of flavour (and not too gamey). I liked the risotto better as a side than the beans. I forget what kind of cream came with the risotto.

[Cafe Latte Caramel] Nothing like a bit of coffee to end a meal. I’m not a big fan of foam – it seems pointless to me, but the generous drizzle of caramel sauce made it worth it. And the latte itself was rich and delicious!

[Smoked Almond Crumble, toasted pecan & birth ice cream] I had absolutely no clue how to approach this dish. How do you eat it? While I was disappointed in the portion of this dish, it was really fun to eat, and every bite was so full of flavour. There was also some ginger puree and dark chocolate cream in there.

 I can’t find my receipt, but after a generous tip (everyone was seriously friendly and helpful! Superb service!!), it came out to over $100. I’d love to come back and try their other menu items – but I really want to go to LUNA first.

photographic evidence

I promised that I’d start posting images and media (evidenced by my Canoe review and etc) but I’m going to start doing that in earnest!

To start with! Here’s our harvest from fishing on Lake Erie:


that giant one in the centre is about 15inches long, no lie!

and on a less fishier note, cheesecake!

seriously decadent. I could barely finish it!



sorry for the sudden flood of new posts – I’ve got a moment for a breather and I want to get everything down before I have to take off again.

First off: if this isn’t the most naturally beautiful video ever in the history of our planet, I don’t know what is.

I don’t know if I can sing enough praises about Sir David. I didn’t think anyone could eclipse my love for Stephen Fry, and 3 years ago, someone did. Sir David is my hero. He recently celebrated his 86th birthday. May he live a long and healthy life.

Also on the dashboard are my wishes for this summer.

I want the best summer impossible. I’d always been hard on myself, taking the “work hard” part of “work hard, play hard” a little too seriously. This summer, I am going to see and hear and do everything I’ve always wanted to do. I am going to dedicate myself to total happiness.

That’s a decent aspiration, isn’t it?

To begin with, I am going to document the moments. I used to keep a daily journal in my younger years – reading it has been a travel back in time. All those trivial incidents that seemed like THE END OF THE WORLD AS I KNEW IT. Oh, the innocence of youth. There were many uncried tears, but I suspect everyone had to go through that.

I am going to see the Picasso exhibition tomorrow with a dear chum and have french food afterwards. I’m already eyeing the mussels! And the day after that, I will meet up with another high school pal and gossip and pig out on korean cuisine (she’s partial to kimbap). The TSO has these Brahms tickets on sale, so hopefully, I can find someone to go to that with. (Yo Yo Ma‘s in town! sigh, if only the tickets weren’t so pricey for my student bank account)

My trusty hobo leather tote broke. I need to find some sort of clip to fix it up. Some people might buy another bag, I suppose – but the actual body of the bag is in great condition, and I don’t see the need to spend unnecessarily. With that money saved, I am going to buy those magazines I’ve been craving – the ones with beautiful art and cost way too much for a magazine.

I am going to enjoy the great outdoors now!

PS. Should I check out Dr. Who? I’m not much of a sci-fi gal but there are hordes of people who are literally insane (in a good way).

An Apple In My Eye

I’m going to New York! It isn’t now and it isn’t soon, but gosh, I am beyond excited about it. Nothing’s been set yet save for the travel to and from tickets- but already I can see the bustling 5th Ave, the freaking MOMA (which I didn’t get to see last time I was there), Brooklyn, the Village, the Central Park Carriage Ride, etc.

It’s gonna be good!

warmed over

I’m feeling slightly nauseated. It’s the summer heat, or rather, spring is being particularly rowdy this afternoon. I think I might be the only person i know who doesn’t love summer. I hate the sweat, the BO, the sticky sunscreen (I have both the lotion for the face and neck, as well as the spray kind for the arms and legs) the tan lines from sandals and top straps, the sunburn on my shoulders, the constant need to shave my legs, the fact that it’s usually freezing in the office but sweltering outside (meaning my outfit is complicated by necessity). I’m also more conscious of my body, because I’ll have to wear skirts and shorts and tank-tops that expose it all.

But I also love popsicles, ice drinks and the myriad of activities that summer brings.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll go for a run once the sun calms down.