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FED to the TEST

and took down Novak like the total BAMF that he is.

will try to avoid self-combustion from happiness now.


The Alchemy Of Athletic Events

All I need is a picket fence ...

If you follow a gripping major-tournament tennis match on Twitter, thereby seeing the online equivalent of a sports bar react to the same event you’re viewing on television, you are quite aware of the diversity of opinion which exists in the community of tennis fans. You’ve tasted this twice in a particularly potent way over the past 30 hours.

Many (though hardly all) fans of an elite tennis player alternately curse their own hero and rain invective upon the opponent who is making life so miserable for said hero. The fans of that elite player’s foremost rivals express the same sentiments toward the underdog who is trying to take down said elite player. Fans of players other than the elites? This group is blessed — FOOP (fans of other players, a term coined by Hannah Wilks, aka, the terrific @newballsplease on Twitter) are the ones who sit back, popcorn in…

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woke up at 7am to watch the finale of the French Open Men’s Final. Rafa did not disappoint, of course. As if anyone could have doubts about who the greatest clay player of all time is.