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Goodmorning, my lovelies!

I am dead exhausted, even at 9am in the morning. I got home from school at around 9pm last night and spent the better half of the night scanning PLAOT,  HUME, MILLS, and BORGES, which is all good and swell, but means that I had to refine my notes (I am in the habit of doing this, completing the half sentences and etc) close to midnight. And this means that i have to do my readings in this morning. Right now, if i am to be precise.

I am not a morning person, i can often seem like one because i force myself to be sociable (the effects of coffee, i assure you) and quite productive – but really, I am a true night owl. I didn’t even realize it was midnight last night until I got a reminder on my ipad about the readings.

So yes, I finally finished reading Meno (the correct translation, I was a fool and read the Gutenberg one) and I am heading into the Norton Anthology of Shakespeare (beauuuuutiful book, too highly priced for my student bank account – i scrambled and got a copy from the library) to reread A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I am indecently excited about reading the norton edition because of all the fabulous intros and contextual material and all that great stuff you don’t find in cheap editions.

I can safely say that I have been eating like a junkie lately – fries and rice and meat and some more fries. I’ve given up trying to bring food to campus because my backpack is hurting quite enough already without the addition of microwavable goods. It doesn’t bode well for my savings nor for my health – so I am going to arrange to have lunch with a friend who’s working in the city. She’ll have scouted places with good food – hopefully.

Astonishingly, i’m still on my first mug of coffee, though it’s gone cold now – i shall nuke it and return to my studies.



I ran out of my prescribed pills and have to settle for Midol.

I didn’t end up doing 3 hours on my readings last night – more like 90min. But I’ve got a good grasp of the middle section of Meno, and I’ll make some notes tonight – after I drown myself in soup.

UPDATE: no soup at home. had steamed salmon instead. feeling like shit



I completely revitalized my room the other day. I re-established all the wiring, etc and it’s such a relief! I have a total pet peeve for tangles of wires (confusing! dangerous!) and with the mounting number of devices I have plugged in, i just couldn’t avoid the problem any longer. So yeah – it’s all good now.

I just have to tackle my closet and those boxes of old papers and readings (dating back to high school, oh man). I am quite sentimental, and for some reason, want to be able to look at those sheets in 30 years time and feel all wobbly and nostalgic. BLAH – be gone.

My whole body is aching because i resumed my serious fitness regime a couple of days ago. I was planning to go for a swim this morning but had to deal with some unpleasant issues – and gah, i’d solved it by 10am but was no longer in the mood.

I have also begun cracking my fall readings – starting with Plato‘s “MENO”. It isn’t dry work, but it’s the trickle that starts the flood. Wish me luck~~