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(Technically, as it is 12:55am right now) 2 more days until my last final!

I am trying to cover as much ground as possible, but when a course surveys 22 different thinkers on the topic of aesthetics, it’s really difficult to keep their theories all neat and organized.

Anyway, I’ve also been slacking off a little; keeping up with the filming of Sherlock Season 3 (THOUGH SOMEHOW I HAVE NOT BEEN SPOILED YET, PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME) and my affection for BC only increases… That man is really taking over hollywood! I’m so happy for his success.

I’ve been watching Glenn Gould videos (we studied him in class). I really do think I have a thing for old dead guys. He’s so charismatic here! And very intense too, which i no surprise. I don’t really go for the easy going type, it seems.

OH! BrainPickings has been really brilliant lately! I’ve go so many entires bookmarked for later.

taking the plunge

I have convinced myself that Sherlock would make an excellent subject for my linguistic anthropology paper. So i went ahead and did it – when i get it back, I shall post portions of it~



wordstrings has returns, and again, I am beaten by her inability to unbreak my heart.


PS. am drawing up another writing calendar. oh dear…

feeling slightly renewed. i rewatched season 2 of the UK Office before i went to bed, which wasn’t the most uplifting thing to do. it still rattles me how good of an actor Gervais used to be – back when he didn’t depend on disabled “fellas” for jokes. anyway, the pilot for his new show “Derek” is reminiscent of his old style, endearing, true, and relatable – so hopefully that turns out to be compelling.

I have a crap load of stuff to handle at work right now, due to the fact that no one bothered looking after the receivables whilst I was away.

still, i must and shall dedicate at least 3 hours of my day to rereading Descartes, Hume and Plato tonight. I MUST I MUST I MUST!

My Dad formatted his PC, which I’d just redone for him a couple of days ago. He accidentally deleted his internet and sould drivers – so yup, that’s on my to-do list tonight as well.

Hurrah~ not.

On a brighter note, I got my friend COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Sherlock (the BBC adaptation) and now she’s surviving by actually reading the original ACD stories!! I’m so proud!

Benedict Cumberbatch… and the like

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane; I’d like to draw your attention to this (stolen from the faint-worthy Cumberbatched tumblr):

2005 – 2012

BAFTA TV awards 2005. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Hawking.

stolen from Sherlology

BAFTA TV awards 2009. nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Small Island.

that’s right, take a moment just to bask in all his glorious beauty. Look at his eyes! They are LUMINOUS

BAFTA TV awards 2011. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Sherlock.

stolen from Wikipedia

That nose wrinkle is exquisite. AHAHAAAA, I love that he looks so supremely annoyed – probably because he’s in the vicinity of ordinary people

BAFTA TV awards 2012. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Sherlock.

I chose this photo just to prove how uncanny similar he can look to Ralph Fiennes (IMO, i think it’s the forehead)

After being nominated FOUR SEPARATE TIMES, the BAFTA still eludes BC. WHAT GIVES? Granted, I am so pleased for Andrew Scott – who won best supporting actor for his Moriarty to BC’s Sherlock, but still! Literally everyone who’s seen Sherlock is fuming – that’s not to take away Dominic West‘s win – who was apparently brilliant (and thus, a well deserved win), but I’m a little anxious that BC will have Hugh Laurie‘s luck in terms of awards: always nominated, but never wins.

I never say terrific anymore

And I doubt that I ever did. It’s one of those painfully abandoned delightful words that always ssucced in escaping my output.

I was cruising Wikipedia on Franzen’s “Freedom”‘. It had a quotation from Obama, who though the novel was “terrific” after reading it during the summer. Now, I don’t pretend to have many things in common with Mr. President (for one thing, he governs a whole nation, whereas I don’t have any measurable significance or influence over the world) but it’s interesting to me that our vocab doesn’t overlap. Of course, it’s all to do with our separate and vastly different upbringing, our differing taste in literature and such and etc – but HOW COME I SAY “WONDERFUL”?

It rolls off my tongue so easily and yet i don’t harbour much affection for the word. It seems so washed out. So “nice”. So “fine”.

Things like this make me hyperaware of my usage of vocab. Why do i say what I say? Will I begin muttering “elementary” now that I’m firmly in the lap of the Sherlock canon?


Oh BC – how you make my speechless with your very being…