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a newcomer to Beyonce.

And I mean that in an intimate, more than glancing interest sort of way. I’d always admired her drive, her talent, and how she stays absolutely true to herself. I am in the midst of learning more about her music, her roots, and her influences.

I think now is an especially perfect time to immerse myself in her world. She’s made a incredible comeback after having her baby. I’m so excited to see how her style will evolve.

I may not be her biggest music fan (I have trouble loving some her belting ballads and hip-pop songs) but this woman is so strong and she’s definitely one of my heroes.

ETA: this post is incredible.

Benedict Cumberbatch… and the like

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane; I’d like to draw your attention to this (stolen from the faint-worthy Cumberbatched tumblr):

2005 – 2012

BAFTA TV awards 2005. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Hawking.

stolen from Sherlology

BAFTA TV awards 2009. nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Small Island.

that’s right, take a moment just to bask in all his glorious beauty. Look at his eyes! They are LUMINOUS

BAFTA TV awards 2011. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Sherlock.

stolen from Wikipedia

That nose wrinkle is exquisite. AHAHAAAA, I love that he looks so supremely annoyed – probably because he’s in the vicinity of ordinary people

BAFTA TV awards 2012. nominated for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Sherlock.

I chose this photo just to prove how uncanny similar he can look to Ralph Fiennes (IMO, i think it’s the forehead)

After being nominated FOUR SEPARATE TIMES, the BAFTA still eludes BC. WHAT GIVES? Granted, I am so pleased for Andrew Scott – who won best supporting actor for his Moriarty to BC’s Sherlock, but still! Literally everyone who’s seen Sherlock is fuming – that’s not to take away Dominic West‘s win – who was apparently brilliant (and thus, a well deserved win), but I’m a little anxious that BC will have Hugh Laurie‘s luck in terms of awards: always nominated, but never wins.