“to be politically incorrect”

So what does that mean? I took a stroll on the web and came across this definition:

Saying whatever you god-damn wanna say, and expressing your opinions, and not giving a shit if a spineless minority deems it “offensive”.

on Urban Dictionary under the heading politically incorrect (number one was sort of sarcastic-thus I didn’t take it seriously, which is a common occurrence on UD).

But is it really? I have a pretty big fear of offending any particular group – because i know what it’s like to be stereotyped under a plethora of labels just because of my race. When people frist meet me and i tell them i’m horrible at math, they lift their eyebrows and exclaim “but you’re asian!” as if any human being of that genetic strand BY DEFINITION must be a math wiz. Of course, I’m so used to it that if you haven’t been annoying enough, you’re likely to have found that I’m pretty much as unAsian as i can possibly be under the circumstances.

Of course, some asians are automatically excluded from this stereotype, namely the 24/7 clevage showing, skinny blonde-wannabes that litter the world. But I’m being mean here~most of my friends are not of the asian persuasion and thus i have been able to dispel the math myth to a number of folks.

To be exact, I am not so anal that I can’t handle a joke or a snide remark-JUST NOT ON RACE, SEX, ETC. I have a good time putting my sarcasm to practice with one particular buddy because we like our irony (she is asian, and a math major), but we never joke about issues that stem from the Holocaust. So i do have a problem with people that carelessly throw politically incorrect remarks about regarding these topics.

Thankfully, most people are good about that.

Anyway, http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200706/ten-politically-incorrect-truths-about-human-nature  actually made me realize just how much more openminded people generally are nowadays. I was surprised to find some of the things under the headings because i didn’t consider them errors of political correctness, just general ignorance or arrogance. For example, number one explains that men are not as drawn to blondes as bees are to honey. Um-yeah. Didn’t the blonde thing “go out of style” a decade ago or something? That’s the thing as well, many of these issues circulate-it’s now fashionable and hot to be a nerd (if you’re an attractive guy that also happens to wear glasses and are into various eclectic interests-because it makes you a rare breed. No one like jocks anymore, in fact, they are labelled the numb blonde of the male species. See what i mean?)

From reading the list, i realized that we weren’t being politically incorrect, we’re just blind to urban legends and daft things our parents tell us.




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