get to know

Height: 5-4

Shoe Size: 7.5-8

Sexual Orientation: hetero

Do you Smoke? No

Do you Take Drugs? No

Have Tattoos? No

Want any tattoos? Undecided

Got any Piercings? No

Want any piercings? Doubtful-I’ve resisted for this long

Bestfriend? Makes me feel happy and appreciated

Biggest turn ons: voice, wit, charisma, self-awareness

Biggest turn offs: bad hygiene? arrogance

Favourite Movie? Way too many to list, also depends on mood

I’ll love you if: you deserve it?

Someone you miss: my younger, less cynical self

A fact about your personality: intensity

What I hate most about myself: indecisiveness, OCD?

What I love most about myself: curiosity/interest

What I want to be when I get older: happy

My relationship with my parents: complicated

My biggest pet peeves: lateness, rudeness, lack of self awareness

A reason I’ve lied to a friend: avoid argument, save them the embarrassment

What words upset me the most: lazy, waste

What words make me feel best: that i’m seriously passionate about what i do

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly in 2011: live life my way self-sufficiently

What I find attractive in girls: honesty, non-gossipy, endearing

Where I would like to live: Europe, PEI, Britain, NEW ZEALANDDD

One of my insecurities: never being good enough

My childhood career choice: broadcaster

My favourite ice cream: mango & pineapple or sweet cream

Who I wish I could be: myself completely and totally

Where I want to be right now: at a cafe reading (alas, no coffee allowed for me)

The last thing I ate: a banana

Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: uh—too private

A random fact about anything: i love long talks and long walks

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