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all in a day’s work

I have so much love to give – and finding a new subject is a tireless joy.

PS. I’ve been getting some posts asking me to divulge my “obsessions list”. Well, the most succinct way to present that is to ask you to look up “Cultures of the United Kingdom”

PPS. I googled Dr. Who, the information and general STUFF that’s online is inexhaustible! I don’t know if I’m ready to jump in yet. I think I’ll go and reread all 90+ Wodehouse stories first. I recently watched Wogan on Wodehouse and it completely rekindled my love for the comic master.

PPPS. the Paris Review has all of its catalogue of interviews online (even the W.H. Auden on!) Go and read them!!

PPPPS. Yeah, this is why I need new lenses, and don’t sleep enough.

a continuous line

This blog is amazing. This is one of my summer resolutions: sketch a page a day.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I have been in love with this for quite some time (perhaps I should do a post on my favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments!). She crafts such insightful and (gasp!) thoughtful posts. Perhaps one day I can easily squeeze out entries such as hers without it being a total fiasco.

A Bit of Canoe

I’m a frequent customer of the Oliver & Bonacini Cafe (but not since their renovations had completed–though the menu looks essentially the same) and I’ve been itching to try their other, higher-end locations. In this case, we had a few hours to spare and decided to go to CANOE (headed by executive chef Anthony Walsh and located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower)

(Parking was a nightmare, subway is the way to go!) As we didn’t plan this outing ahead of time, we were fairely casually dressed in a crowd of high-power business men and women. When we arrived on the 54th floor, a hostess in a dress suit and heels apologetically told us that all their tables were full and “would we mind sitting at the bar?” We didn’t, as we were promised a comprehensive view of the open kitchen. Those of you who have been with me on this blog know how much I dearly love behind the scenes actions. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Our view – the prep station. The gentleman in the centre was most helpful. He told time to explain each dish as it arrived. He was hilarious as well, it’s a shame I can’t remember his name. PS. The butter that came with the bread was super creamy, I completely ignored the spread next to it (pictured)

[Wellington County Steak Tartare] darling presentation. The combination of the varying textures and flavour profiles were really intersting (and no, I don’t mean that as a placeholder). The tender beef tartare and the crisp crunch of the ookstown chip was well balanced – as was the super moist buffalo mozzarella (which simply melted in my mouth) and that tart sweet raifort (rhubarb) juice!

[Oyster Boy’s Finest Half Dozen] I’m a bit squeamish about raw meats and fish – but this and the tartare course proved me wrong! The oysters are accompanied by shallot vinegar (on the left, and unappreciated by my palate) and the 54 smoker hot sauce. I liked the oysters at the bottom of the photo best, the upper three tasted, for lack of better words, too gamey/wild (and VERY salty).

Guelph Navy Beans, Seared Leeks, Squash Puree & Curry Sauce

[Blue European Sea Bass] The bass was cooked to perfection! The skin was crisp and the meat, tender. I wasn’t a fan of the curious orange cubes as they were very sour and felt alien to the dish. The beans were a bit bland too (apparently they are navy beans? They’ve obviously been skinned), although the puree and curry sauce helped.

My companion chose the lamb – to be cooked “medium well”. It’s such a shame because I stole a bite and it was fantastic. Just think how much better it’d taste at a rare-medium.

Three Grain Risotto Caraway Yogurt & Roasted Garlic

[Roasted Alberta Lamb] This dish was the most simply described on the menu. My companion was alarmed when I explained that risotto is made of “rice”. Nonetheless, the cut of lamb was superb – very lean but still full of flavour (and not too gamey). I liked the risotto better as a side than the beans. I forget what kind of cream came with the risotto.

[Cafe Latte Caramel] Nothing like a bit of coffee to end a meal. I’m not a big fan of foam – it seems pointless to me, but the generous drizzle of caramel sauce made it worth it. And the latte itself was rich and delicious!

[Smoked Almond Crumble, toasted pecan & birth ice cream] I had absolutely no clue how to approach this dish. How do you eat it? While I was disappointed in the portion of this dish, it was really fun to eat, and every bite was so full of flavour. There was also some ginger puree and dark chocolate cream in there.

 I can’t find my receipt, but after a generous tip (everyone was seriously friendly and helpful! Superb service!!), it came out to over $100. I’d love to come back and try their other menu items – but I really want to go to LUNA first.

An Apple In My Eye

I’m going to New York! It isn’t now and it isn’t soon, but gosh, I am beyond excited about it. Nothing’s been set yet save for the travel to and from tickets- but already I can see the bustling 5th Ave, the freaking MOMA (which I didn’t get to see last time I was there), Brooklyn, the Village, the Central Park Carriage Ride, etc.

It’s gonna be good!


Goodness me, I’ve been exceedingly busy, but happily so! I hope everyone is enjoying the gloriously cool weather we’ve been blessed with these past two weeks. I’ve got a couple of trips and projects coming up, so posting will be irregular. But fear not – writing here has become an integrated part of my expressive life, so 3woodlands will NOT be abandoned for long periods of time.

OK – Back on track: I finally made an appointment w/ my eye doctor, made plans to see my chums, etc – so things are getting figured out and will hopefully get off my TO-DO List.

I painted my nails, for the first time in 2012 – this isn’t terribly exciting, but it signifies that I at least had enough free time for them nails to dry w/out seriously messing this up.

I saw a lawn sprinkler in action for the first time in 2012 today! It made a big impression on me, I suppose I wasn’t fully accepting of that fact that spring is HERE! In other news, Johnny Depp has another strange movie, I want to go to to New Zealand/ Africa and oh, Happy Mother’s Day to all who deserve it!

PS. I’ve got a CANOE review and a shopping haul summary in the works.


Emails are perishable, far more so than snail mail. They are not tangible items i have feel in my hands and yet they are so much more easily accessible. But we never do access them once their subject matters have been discussed and dealt with.

Sadly enough, the number of people who still write emails longer than a “I MISS YOU, LET’S HANG SOON” are quickly diminishing as well. People have elevated texting to a fast food type of art. Everything is condenses, so much is meant by those abbreviated words. People are too in tune now. No need to actually speak directly with others when your whole life is on display on facebook.

Mine isn’t, my life – that is.

Maybe I am greedy, want some REAL connection/interaction.

[Another deadline on May 14th – GAHHHHHHHH!! My screenplay is going well. I have to do a lot of research, but it’s quite fun – and I like to be historically accurate.]

I’ve decided to embark on my first baking adventure since high school. I am going to make a chocolate cake for my mother when she comes to visit. It won’t be very fancy, but I’m still looking forward to it.

THURSDAY: Pizza, tomato egg zucchini soup, rice, steamed salmon, decaf americano

FRIDAY: mexican fries, apple pie, decaf coffee (I needed some sort of stimulant, but still want to sleep)


attributive compounds

MUST SHARE THIS. It’s an astonishingly candid interview with the great Jeremy Brett (who I should mention, was gorgeous and talented and thus, very accordingly stolen my unyielding affections. Hey! Another dead old guy to add to my list of obsessions ~ whatdoyaknow?) I believe this interview took place during his last years, when he was addled with both physical and emotional distress – some people believe that’s the reason why his words don’t conceal but reveal, unlike most actors’ speeches.

I’ve seen every one of the 42 ACD stories and I whole hearted agree with the general online consensus that Brett was the authentic Holmes as ACD had written and envisioned him, down to the barking laugh, the persian cigar slipper, the aquiline nose and impeccable wit.

FRIDAY: Hawaiian pizza, mexican fries, juice

SATURDAY: chicken strips, coffee, preserved egg congee, egg and tomatoes with rice

SUNDAY: congee, mango juice, baked salmon, stir-fried broccoli, egg and tomatoes with rice

MONDAY: 2 buttered honey oats bagels with strawberry jam, disguising coffee I made (I only had 1% at home!), chicken strips…


I have an irritating headache. Granted, I left my coffee a little too late (finishing it at 8pm) but I don’t think it’s the sole reason. I think I’m dehydrated. So I gulped down 3 glasses full just now.

A flurry of different emotions today – I don’t want to get into any of it but I’m tired and I want to go to bed as soon as I can…


MONDAY: stir-fried beef, chili fish, rice, coffee

TUESDAY: Stir-fried beef, cucumbers, rice, maple coffee

WEDNESDAY: Klondike chili, cucumbers, butter chicken, coffee

THURSDAY: meat pizza (3 slices), Thai chicken soup, 900g berry smoothie, coffee

FRIDAY: Double baked potato, NY steak, ginger ale, cabbage stir-fry, rice, lam curry, coffee

SATURDAY: Coffee, breakfast sandwich, cheese croissant, banana, Indian veggies

SUNDAY: grapes, orange juice, string beans with pork, butter chicken, rice

General Spazzing

SO EXCITED!! I got my hands on the radioplays done in the 1930-40s with Rathone and Bruce as Sherlock and Watson. Daily commutes will be much easier to endure!

Also, they spare me the previously inevitable task of listing to Cabin Pressure. As I mentioned before, I love  Cabin Pressure dearly and am having a difficult time waiting for the fourth season to go on air (they’ll be recorded this summer, if I’m not mistaken)

Regarding Jeremy Brett, it’s probably a sin not to have done this already, but I haven’t seen a peek of the Granada series. Nope. I have dozens of hours of brilliant Holmes to see!! BC said on record that whilst he modernized his Holmes, he very much loved the pure physicality of Brett’s Holmes. CAN’T WAIT!!

EDIT: I’m whizzing through the Brett films like crazy! So good!


I’ve been indulging in breakfast lately. Proper breakfasts with eggs, bacon, toast and the endless coffee. I’d thought that filling my stomach so much earlier in the day would mean that I’d refrain from snacking until the afternoon. That isn’t the case, however. My appetite is as alive as ever whether or not I eat a morning meal.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. So many things on my plate and not enough time to even REMEMBER them all. I nearly missed an important correspondence the other day (thankfully, crisis was averted) and UGH this time of year is always stressful.

The weather’s returned to a respectable spring temperature of 10 or so degrees and I so wish to lie down on the grass and breath. There are so many books I want to read. So many things I want to enjoy but for some off (and usually frugal reason) won’t allow myself.