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I realized, during my frenzied posting, the reason why I was so hesitant to publish entries in the early days of this blog.

I was too concerned with whether my thoughts were meaningful enough to jot down. I was too caught up in making sure they were all polished and whatnot (ha! what a joke).

Sometime in the last year, I managed to shed (or turn a blind eye to, I’m not sure which) that worry. I’m not being graded, I am not being judged (and if I am, well, I’m not aware of it, at least), and it’s all subjective.

I’m really thankful to have lost that weight on my shoulders. I have a tendency to obsess over perfection. And to be honest, most of the time, I’m not entirely certain what that means. Perfection is changeable, anyway.

PS. I’m doing my nails right now. See if that adds any context to this post.

I swear I’m not like Neo at the beginning of The Matrix. The lighting just came out really dark!