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an account of a process

I’ve got about 3 unfinished drafts sitting, waiting to be posted on this blog, and I have 2 sets of characters that won’t leave my head, waiting to live out their stories. I am currently working on a story titled “Quit Freak”. Usually dialogue comes out much harder for me (I’m much better with mood and and setting and no-quotation marks required stuff. Exposition is damn annoying!) so I sort of wrote it all out in a rush. and now I an insert the rest of it organically. Le Sigh, indeed.

My ipod (1st gen iTouch) continues to behave irregularly but I simply can’t justify getting a spanking new one because “Sherlocked” (Yes, I really am that obsessed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you) is still loyal and he was the first major purchase I made with my own dollars. When I bought him, I cherried him out with a real leather cover, Bose earbuds (they suck, I am grown up now) and a myriad of other frivolous expenses (though I do not regret the case, in fact, it’s save Sherlocked many a times).