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Catching up

Rereading Bertrand Russel’s incomparable “history of western philosophy”:
There are so many beautifully phrased passages in this. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it the first time around.

On the last page of the pre-Socrates chapter (following the rising status of alcohol ). Russel quotes “the most balanced” view “But there can be no doubt, that to the Greeks, the phenomonon of ecstasy suggests that the Soul was something more than a feeble double of the self, that it a only when ‘out of body’ that it could show us true nature… ”

I haven’t got the book on me right now so this quotation is disjointed…

I also caught the first couple of episodes in Buffy, Season 6. The majority of the season is a meandering mess, but my God, it starts so well! It is the only time I can stand the Spuffy relationship, and this is coming from an ex-Spuffy shipper! Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar had really good hair!

Um, what else… The Olympics!! I am a mad fan of the games and I watch almost everything. I always loved the swimming competitions, but since I’ve learnt to stay alp float in the water myself, I am enjoying the races even more! It is also such a great way to improve my own techniques, watching the true pros at it.

AMC has their MOB WEEK on right now and I’ve already seen The Godfather I & II. Is it strange that i am always amazed at how brilliant Brando is on screen? It is such a shame that he was replaces in II. De NIro is great, no doubt – but still.

I am still on a wacky schedule for the next few days. But once everything is settled, I’ll push out those drafts.



My days are kind of out of control right now. I’m so used to having a set daily schedule so I’m a little bit out of sorts. But it’s all OK for now. Gearing into the Olympic season. Everyday, I am collecting small victories. For instance, this past week, I learnt how to swim! I can do a couple laps now! Granted, the pool lane is only 25m long, but considering I needed the help of a foam noodles a fortnight ago, this is a big deal! Also, learning NOT TO DROWN is exhausting! My legs and arms are groaning right now. I also try to get 45min of mixed training (mostly aerobics and weights) before bed) so yeah, I hope i don’t get bulky just in time for the summer.

I’ve been rereading Bertrand Russel‘s “History of Western Philosophy” during breakfast (instead of the paper – because it lacks the dreadful staining ink). It’s fun to look at all the WTF notes-to-self I wrote in the margins. Oh, incase anyone’s wondering, i’ve been having a sinful amount of coffee every morning. Who says no to refills?

I finally got my glasses done! I brought my prescription with me in case i come across a pair a like. They are really cute! I might post a photo later~ Um, what else, i got my Bamboo stylus! It gets the job done, so i can’t complain. Though if I did have the guts, I’d splurge on a professional one with precision point instead of the standardized rubber round tip.

I’ve been sampling a variety of beers and wine. I got bored stuck inside the room because I currently don’t have access to a car. I quite like Riesling right now – it’s a bit sweeter so it’s gentler on my palate. Ohhh, and I had Prim’s ice tea. it’s great! So refreshing with a little punch!

I don’t have cable at home, so i’m making the most of the channels here. I’m back to being addicted to Iron Chef America, NatGeo and Animal Planet and whatever channel has Friends on repeat. The first 3 have the most perfect pick up lines “Heart Open, Empty Stomach”, “Follow Your Instincts” and “Surprisingly Human”. GAhhhh…

I’m going order wings and other fast food grub for dinner whilst I watch super fit athletes walking around. until then, it’s I have a couple more revisions to do.