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rescuing a lost weekend

It’s been a great week, generally speaking. I have a ton of reading to get through, as usual, but more on that later. I saw Frida one last time this past Friday with a friend. I had a really nice time (though I was surprised that we go through the exhibit in an hour, I took 2 hours my first time there) and it was so good to meet up with her. And then I sat in Mount’s Hedwig lecture. I can’t remember how he did it during first year – but everything he said was so easy and obvious to me. I suppose that is a good thing – that I did some growing.

I worked till 9pm on Friday but didn’t get any work done because I was chatting with co-workers. One of the things I love about my job is that most people there are thoughtful and have interesting things to say (since we’re all nerds by default).

And then the lost weekend began – rather than prepping for my exam and doing readings for my other classes, i watched 3 seasons of Mad Men. Do I regret it? No, but I feel terrible. So I’ll have to do my best to catch up now. Sigh, just thinking about it all is depressing. One thing to keep me upbeat is my dinner at Canoe! i can’t wait!!

PS. The Australian Open is happening and i’m rooting for Roger, obviously.

PPS. Made plans for Reading Week, eeeeek

PPPS. I managed to write poems this week – oh, how i’ve missed it so!



checking in

How was everyone’s Christmas? Sorry I’ve been MIA, after my exams ended, I have been working everyday since Christmas Eve. I spent the 3 days been my last exam and work by watching films (was totally disappointed with Anna Karenina, and have mixed feelings about The Hobbit), skyping with my mom, and meeting with friends. I went shopping on Boxing day after work – and came home empty-handed. This is the norm for me, but I was so looking forward to buying a little something. The things I really wanted did not go on sale, and the things I didn’t care for were 50% off.

I am munching on a KFC sandwich right now. The meat is tough but it somewhat satisfies my craving for fried chicken.

I was supposed to get through my Aristotle readings, but I barely made a dent. I feel terrible for slacking off, but after 8.5 hours of work and trekking through all the slush and snow, I end up passing out on my bed. I did finish one of the novels for my CAN LIT class though. I’m starting on Margret Atwood’s ‘Alias Grace‘. I can’t say I’m absorbed, and I was never a huge fan of her writing – but hopefully, the story gets better.

I need to write more!! I have a ton of deadlines coming up and I don’t even have drafts for some of them. URGHH

I also need to reread those plays for my second semester of Shakespeare. I still have to meet up with people after New Years and it’s cutting into my prep time – but what can I do? Friends are important, and I need to loosen up a bit, too.

I went to see Frida last night. The museum is CRAZY crowded. It was a members only night, so I assumed it’d be dead – but I guess not. Sigh, I’d better go during the day time.

All my moaning and complaints about not having enough hours in a day are biased, I’ve been obsessed with this Korean drama called School 2013. It’s a refreshingly realistic (though occasionally exaggerated for dramatic effect) look at the Korean education system. I won’t fangirl about it here, but ARGH!!! One word: BROMANCE!

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz. It’s mostly Holiday themed – but still lovely. Do any of you use Songza? It takes me a while to find a playlist that is compatible with my taste, but it’s still pretty great!


plato and the presocrates

midterm in 9 hours. strangely enough, i’m not panicking. I haven’t exactly mastered the material (well, ok – i have a pretty good idea of what i’d talk about on any of the given philosophers…) but i guess i sleep so little (read: rarely get to bed before 2am) that 12:23am seems… pretty early to call it a night.

this means

I HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE INSANE. at least i acknowledge it.

I really am a little to too hard on myself. and then sometimes when i have an OFF day (see last post) i berate myself for not working harder. it’s a tricky slop. this can’t be healthy, but this is how i’ve learned to cope. i am always preparing for that raining day.

my co-worked/ turned friend is leaving the country (and getting married). the office is having a goodbye party on wed and there’s no way i can make it. he said he’s having a friends only shindig on saturday (which is typically my non-work day) so hopefully i can go to that one.

there’s another commitment i want to get out of simply because i am on the verge of a physical collapse. i need to eat a real meal. i need to listen to some fun music rather than my own recorded study notes on my commutes.

but ughhhhh, i need to start my Henry IV Part I/12th Night comparative essay too.

you know what—i need to buckle down, finish prepping for my midterm and go to bed!


feeling slightly renewed. i rewatched season 2 of the UK Office before i went to bed, which wasn’t the most uplifting thing to do. it still rattles me how good of an actor Gervais used to be – back when he didn’t depend on disabled “fellas” for jokes. anyway, the pilot for his new show “Derek” is reminiscent of his old style, endearing, true, and relatable – so hopefully that turns out to be compelling.

I have a crap load of stuff to handle at work right now, due to the fact that no one bothered looking after the receivables whilst I was away.

still, i must and shall dedicate at least 3 hours of my day to rereading Descartes, Hume and Plato tonight. I MUST I MUST I MUST!

My Dad formatted his PC, which I’d just redone for him a couple of days ago. He accidentally deleted his internet and sould drivers – so yup, that’s on my to-do list tonight as well.

Hurrah~ not.

On a brighter note, I got my friend COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Sherlock (the BBC adaptation) and now she’s surviving by actually reading the original ACD stories!! I’m so proud!


It’s a whooping 19 degrees today (all time high, I believe) and if I could be outside enjoying it, this wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m not. And the sun’s penetrating rays are heating up the office.

Reaaaally effective way to induce an afternoon slump.

I’ll try really hard not the spend money on an ice-cool drink.

EDIT: I’ve survived. But I’m going to get a pineapple slushy from 7-Eleven when I go home. It’s so stuffy and GUH – this temporary happiness is worth more than the $3 it’ll cost me.

RE-EDIT: Hmm. Or maybe I’ll have the self-control and delay that slushy till tomorrow? I CAN DO IT!!

RE-RE-EDIT: YES! I persevered and to be honest, I’m not craving for the slushy anymore.

laid bare for you.

It’s been deathly cold these past few days and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. It was still hovering above 0 degrees during Christmas, and all of the sudden, temperatures plummet down to minus double digits!

I’ve got all my candles out and burning. Now I wish I’d sweeter, creamier ones rather than the very cleanly scented fruit ones.

I’m craving heart stews and chunky soups!! It;s only Wednesday and I’m finding it next to impossible to keep to my budget. I resisted buying anything yesterday. But last night, I saw a good friend and we were planning a get together.It’s nothing fancy, but as I already used up my fortnightly indulgence (the offee on Monday), I don’t know what to doooo. Sigh, I’m going to create a chart for indulgences and meets. How very high maintenance of me.

Yahoo posted Zoe Deschanel’s fiance details. The break down is as follows:

Salary from TV show “New Girl” — $95,000 per month 
Dining-out expenses — $500 per month
Clothing expenses — $2,000 per month
Laundry/cleaning expenses — $600 per month
Cell phone and email expenses — $300 per month
Charitable donations — $1,500 per month
Credit card debt — $0  

I’m going to modify that and apply it to myself.

Also, lately I’ve grown to like Adele’s music. Her voice still irritates me to a certain degree, but I am fond of the kind of music she makes. All heart and raw.

I’ve made a small dent on my research project so I’m feeling pleased with myself at the moment.

I have 3 ongoing projects that must be completed in the first half of January-so I’m in a rush. But my eyes are tired of starting at the computer screen, so I’m going to take a moment and write some verses.

PS. I’m to much of a foodie to do a juice fast, but I am thinking of doing a no alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or processed food fast. Maybe for 5 days? Don’t know when I’ll do it though, probably during reading week.

UPDATE: one research project done!!


I’ve made up my mind that today shall be a supremely productive day. I’d lain in bed, gasping for comfort till 11 o’clock and then gave up to clean the fish tank and have some food. I have much to do today and within the next few days so i shall make up a list of things to do:

-have a long, therapeutic shower with the whole deal (conditioner, lotions and such. I’m kind of tomboyish in this regard, i just don’t have the patience with little details like that)

-finish commissioned dragon sketches

-devise new outline and draft for poetry essay and FINISH POETRY ESSAY FOR TUESDAYYY

-clean flat!!

-pick PMB topic and do notes

-email Helen, Aaron

-PMB draft