i don’t have a title for this post, mostly because it’s just a regular Saturday on which I should get work done but am having trouble realizing that. I have to skype with my mother tomorrow for our regular weekly chats. These chats sometimes run to 2 hours and I am always exhausted afterwards. It’s a lot of work, being all happy and full of stories to tell. ‘Jupiter’ is playing on the radio right now, and for the last 2 minutes I have been racking my brain wondering why it’s so familiar.

I have a TON of reading to go through, most of it takes a lot of digesting to comprehend – but recently my eyes tire easily and I can never get through the pages as fast as I would like to. I have two papers due in the coming weeks and 2 drafts due before reading week. I really need to get them all written otherwise I’ll be in terrible shape on the otherwise of the break.

Federer lost – I can’t muster up the energy to talk about it.

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