mix and match

“I quote others only to better express myself.”

― Michel de MontaigneThe Complete Essays

I have a lot of things on my mind and they’re all a bit”up in the air” so my sleep has been fretful lately. I was falling asleep to Moab Is My Washpot and he was lamenting the fact that some folks willfully lead a life un-“illuminated by ideas”.

I’m not sure what sort of trajectory I am on. In a way, I want to defy classification, just to avoid being judged. People always smile tightly when I tell them I am a fiction writer. And the word poet sounds high-flung, for some absurd reason. I despise talking about myself (and by that I mean biographical details).


When I was in the States, I went to church twice. I am in no way religious. Spiritual, maaaybe, but I do not belong to any particular religious denomination. The church I went to serviced an astonishing number of people and I was swept up in the feeling on communion. I loved the feeling of singing hymns in a group 500 hundred strong. Everyone was peaceful, and open, and to be honest, going to the service did in fact relax me some what. Being an agnostic, I tuned out the more obvious worship sections of the service, but the rest was lovely. Is it weird that I feel this way? That church felt like meditation?

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