Daily Archives: August 18, 2012


I think I am still spending like I am on vacation!!

must must stop!!!

Yeah, I am back at work but I really should get back to buy¬†frugal ways. ¬†Ummm, I haven’t been sleeping all that well recently. Just a lot of things on my mind and lots to tackle before school starts again.

I have some posts in mind for the next few weeks (most spazzing about moma). I. Have to finish my Monet paintings (I’d forgotten how much fun it it to draw! Oh goodness). And then reading, I have stacks of books on hold at the bookstore, just gotta find the time to get through them!!

sorry this entry is so lacking in excitement, I have a couple more hours left at work and I haven’t had any food all day other than some macaroon cookies (which were sinfully sweet).

Hope to greeeeeet you all in a better mood next time!