Daily Archives: August 17, 2012



I completely revitalized my room the other day. I re-established all the wiring, etc and it’s such a relief! I have a total pet peeve for tangles of wires (confusing! dangerous!) and with the mounting number of devices I have plugged in, i just couldn’t avoid the problem any longer. So yeah – it’s all good now.

I just have to tackle my closet and those boxes of old papers and readings (dating back to high school, oh man). I am quite sentimental, and for some reason, want to be able to look at those sheets in 30 years time and feel all wobbly and nostalgic. BLAH – be gone.

My whole body is aching because i resumed my serious fitness regime a couple of days ago. I was planning to go for a swim this morning but had to deal with some unpleasant issues – and gah, i’d solved it by 10am but was no longer in the mood.

I have also begun cracking my fall readings – starting with Plato‘s “MENO”. It isn’t dry work, but it’s the trickle that starts the flood. Wish me luck~~