all in a day’s work

I have so much love to give – and finding a new subject is a tireless joy.

PS. I’ve been getting some posts asking me to divulge my “obsessions list”. Well, the most succinct way to present that is to ask you to look up “Cultures of the United Kingdom”

PPS. I googled Dr. Who, the information and general STUFF that’s online is inexhaustible! I don’t know if I’m ready to jump in yet. I think I’ll go and reread all 90+ Wodehouse stories first. I recently watched Wogan on Wodehouse and it completely rekindled my love for the comic master.

PPPS. the Paris Review has all of its catalogue of interviews online (even the W.H. Auden on!) Go and read them!!

PPPPS. Yeah, this is why I need new lenses, and don’t sleep enough.

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