warmed over

I’m feeling slightly nauseated. It’s the summer heat, or rather, spring is being particularly rowdy this afternoon. I think I might be the only person i know who doesn’t love summer. I hate the sweat, the BO, the sticky sunscreen (I have both the lotion for the face and neck, as well as the spray kind for the arms and legs) the tan lines from sandals and top straps, the sunburn on my shoulders, the constant need to shave my legs, the fact that it’s usually freezing in the office but sweltering outside (meaning my outfit is complicated by necessity). I’m also more conscious of my body, because I’ll have to wear skirts and shorts and tank-tops that expose it all.

But I also love popsicles, ice drinks and the myriad of activities that summer brings.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll go for a run once the sun calms down.

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