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If I can be prevailed upon to rely on my own deductions, then I believe it is entirely possible that I have figured out the precise reason why I attack my obsessions with such fervent passion.

Well, now. That did not sound like me at all, did it? Hopefully not, because I was trying to be convoluted and all manner of Victorian … GAH! I can’t pretend anymore!

I was rereading “A Hymn to the Endlessly Falling” (click on this link if you want to lose sleep for a week) a moment ago and my startling revelation occurred when I reached the third page. Holmes and Watson had just relocated to Sussex and Holmes has found himself impossibly enchanted by bees. I’ve pasted word for word below the section that drew my attention:

Holmes loves the in the way he loves things he doesn’t understand entirely. It must be such a curse, understanding so very many things. It took me some time to learn that about him, to understand that part of why… is that I baffle him. I find myself to be very simple. My motives are enough to fathom, and i make it my habit never to take motiveless actions, so my own lack of capriciousness causes me to wonder at times why Holmes is looking at me the way he looks at fascinating murder scenes. But if I can puzzle him, then God bless him, he’s welcome to me, and welcome to bees…

The phrases I have bolded explain precisely when and why I gain and lose obsessions. It’s terribly arrogant and presumptuous of me to declare this, but when I think that I’ve learnt all there is to learn about something, someone, somewhat or other, I lose interest! I pay an insurmountable amount of attention to detail – so that prolongs the life of these obsessions a bit, but once I’ve been exposed to it all, I’m done. Next one up please!

I don’t know how happy I am about this. I am at the point where I know Cabin Pressure as well as any fan can possibly know. If I’m wise, I’ll let it rest until I forget all the details in all their fantastic comedic ways. It’d be a real tragedy if I were to get sick of it.

Belatedly, however, I should mention that I am in no way saying I’m any sort of detective investigative genius. Just putting that out there.


-ed into a dear old chum i haven’t seen properly for months on my way home today. I was a little anxious; and although i was the first to spot her, I nearly wanted to pretend I didn’t see her. Why? I was in a hurry and I looked completely disheveled and … sloppy? I suppose I am vain like that. I don’t care when strangers see me all sweaty and blah, but people I know? Whole different story.

Nevertheless, the joy of seeing each other rather overwhelmed whatever comment she might’ve thought when she saw me.

in other matters, the universe no doubt works to ensure I get no real work done. What do I see when I popped into the neighborhood Sunrise Records? Under the 2/$18 banner was:

Romeo & Juliet (1968) (and not only because Olivia Hussey is a goddess)

Mildred Pierce (the 5 parter w/ Kate Winslet-can you believe she’s never been in a live play? at least the kind with a paying audience. INSANITY! I hope she’s as good a live actress as she is a screen actress)

The Wild One
Tinker… (can’t remember full name, but it’s the one with Gary old man and among other awesome dudes, BC!!)

Also – I need to make a concerted effort to make time for:

DRAW MORE!!! Although most of this puts my doodles to shame.

Improve my penmanship and learn more about typography. I need to spent a few days at Chapters, in fact.


I’ve been indulging in breakfast lately. Proper breakfasts with eggs, bacon, toast and the endless coffee. I’d thought that filling my stomach so much earlier in the day would mean that I’d refrain from snacking until the afternoon. That isn’t the case, however. My appetite is as alive as ever whether or not I eat a morning meal.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. So many things on my plate and not enough time to even REMEMBER them all. I nearly missed an important correspondence the other day (thankfully, crisis was averted) and UGH this time of year is always stressful.

The¬†weather’s¬†returned to a respectable spring temperature of 10 or so degrees and I so wish to lie down on the grass and breath. There are so many books I want to read. So many things I want to enjoy but for some off (and usually frugal reason) won’t allow myself.