Living In the Cold

For the past 15 hours, I had been under the impression that it’s Sunday.

It’s not. It’s just the first Saturday I didn’t have to be at work. Am I spending this all too precious first of my weekend day productively and happily? I’d give a mild yes. It started me thinking that if I had more time, if I slept less, I’d be able to do and dream and all that comes with doing and dreaming.

I should re-acquaint myself with the rules of punctuation. I should improve my penmanship. I should actually get on that pen-pals thing I’ve been meaning to do since freshmen year. I should send flowers to my mother. I should buy Dad a new wallet. I should read and listen and watch all those items in my “TO-DO” list. I should get a better tank for my fish. I need to “clean out my closet”, both metaphorically (a la Eminem but without the hoes, and literally (hello, spring!).


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