Daily Archives: April 4, 2012


-ed into a dear old chum i haven’t seen properly for months on my way home today. I was a little anxious; and although i was the first to spot her, I nearly wanted to pretend I didn’t see her. Why? I was in a hurry and I looked completely disheveled and … sloppy? I suppose I am vain like that. I don’t care when strangers see me all sweaty and blah, but people I know? Whole different story.

Nevertheless, the joy of seeing each other rather overwhelmed whatever comment she might’ve thought when she saw me.

in other matters, the universe no doubt works to ensure I get no real work done. What do I see when I popped into the neighborhood Sunrise Records? Under the 2/$18 banner was:

Romeo & Juliet (1968) (and not only because Olivia Hussey is a goddess)

Mildred Pierce (the 5 parter w/ Kate Winslet-can you believe she’s never been in a live play? at least the kind with a paying audience. INSANITY! I hope she’s as good a live actress as she is a screen actress)

The Wild One
Tinker… (can’t remember full name, but it’s the one with Gary old man and among other awesome dudes, BC!!)

Also – I need to make a concerted effort to make time for:

DRAW MORE!!! Although most of this puts my doodles to shame.

Improve my penmanship and learn more about typography. I need to spent a few days at Chapters, in fact.