Daily Archives: March 23, 2012


things I would like to do but am afraid (for either real of artificial reasons)

1.  go on a BLUEPRINT juice detox [WHY NOT: worried I’ll cave. also, it’s hecka pricey!]

2.  go on vacation by myself [WHY: the freedom!]

3.  live on my own [WHY: independence, freedom, being my own person] [WHY NOT: $$, parental ties]

4.  be an early riser [WHY: the peace] [WHY NOT: Duh. though i’m not exactly afraid. I’d like to try it when things aren’t as crazy]

5. dedicate 6 hours to creative writing [WHY: I need to pay my dues] [WHY NOT: I know I won’t have anything to write about after maybe… the first hour? But I suppose that’s the point – to squeeze them words out.]