my gladness is real

three dogs and a cat fight

a low

slow the hour after all

howling echoes through the darkness

that is the devil’s parade

a wild streak

a burning constitution

renders the blind

don’t ask to speak. now

the making of silence in sleep

i am sloppy now. Letting them in.

The wind weaving in between.

Untangling the themes.

Tracing what was true but now seem

like the wonders of a dream

Spring became the palm

i shook with clammy hands

a gladness not to be relied upon.

a silver beauty that goes grey and far

only returning to burn the heart of out the dark.

it happens

she forgot to rewind the tape.

and again I weep with lady who. Lost the meatball and gained no means.

Where is father? And his camera?

Won’t there be a memory of this misery?

there’s clapping during rehearsal

even some tears

some real people

Please welcome the real downer of the evening

wait for the firetruck

that’s the highlight.

of) a good night, I hope

the good one

Sally wants to know why no one likes a salad.

There are 5 kinds of electrified spuds.

did you explain to her there’s no one in charge?

i found a bible in the fiction section and lost my laugh.

my god. The things she knows.

(All of the above is my original work. Please alert me, credit and link back if you wish to post any of it elsewhere. Many thanks~)

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