Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

self-proclaimed blehh

I just noticed a ton of sp/gr errors in my old posts. I was going to go through them and correct the mistakes. BUT i decided not to. I like those mistakes. Somehow they are endearing, and to me, at least, they prove that I wrote those words genuinely.

Besides, who cares?


I blame my tendency to be overly invested (read: obsessed) on my curiosity. Once I beceome attached to something, I absolutely have to know everything there is to know about it. I work efficiently too, under the overarching umbrella of “Acclaimed BBC Dramas” I have Sherlock, Jane Eyre, and Downton Abbey.

The first is far more enthralling than the others (part of the magic is because of how naturally Holmes is updated). I remember halfway through watching A Study In Pink and exclaiming “this is bloody brilliant!” Honestly, this is before I became a Cumberbatch devotee!

I read frantically, training my eyes on all of the original ACD canon and before the week is out, I can talk pretty knowledgably about Holmes.