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listening to Cabin Pressure is like being treated to voice-porn. BC, Roger Allam AND Anthony Stewart Head?

PS. I’ve replayed the J-burg episode at least 10 times. This is encouraged by the fact that I’ve had an upset stomach for the past week. UGHHHH what’s wrong with me????


One of my compositions will be performed in a concert series at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico in April!

This totally motivates me to work on “IN REVIEW” which I was supposed to do last night.

Oh, whilst I was in the park a few days ago, I stumbled upon an idea for my environmental piece. Am very excited to get started on that too!


Had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast with a chum and am feeling strangely hungry. Granted, I was too busy talking to finish my food but most days I don’t touch edibles until late noon so WHY THE SUDDEN CRAVING? Crikey, can I hold on for 2 more hours and then get my chicken salad?

Anyway, I managed to catch some shut eye on Sunday and am as ready to face the week as I ever will be. The weather’s wisely decided to behave normally and I get to get away with not waxing my legs for another two weeks~ (The only reason I feel unashamed of this fact is because, well, you’re all strangers who probably don’t get a toss.)

I definitely need a real good slothing day though. A day when I can de-clutter my flat, light them candles and sort out my closet (now that spring’s upon us). It’s be nice, I’ll get up at a nice, comfortable 9am, make a smoothy (NO COFFEE ON NON-EARLY DAYS!!), maybe have soft-boiled eggs. Vaccum and do laundry, blast some music and just lounge.

But to do that would seem sinful when I have so much left on my TO-DO LIST.

Le sigh, maybe one day soon.

PS. Got them salads. They don’t come with salad dressing though, only lemon juice, bacon bits, cheese and croutons. What gives?

PPS. I was an idiot and forgot to pick up the complimentary dressing packets. I chose sweet onion and buttermilk ranch. HENCE, am munching delightfully on my salad. It’s advertised to serve 3-5 people, but yesterday, I finished mine in one sitting. I didn’t feel a bit bad about it as it’s 3/5 greens.


Began the day cheerily, despite getting only 5 solid hours of sleep. I’ve had to cancel my weekly skype session because I don’t think I can keep my eyes open for much longer. I was chatting with my co-worker and I accidentally said “I want to cry” when I meant “sleep”. What a Freudian slip!

One of my poems will be performed vocally and I need to expand the text to make it last 8-9 minutes. Music will be composed based on my words and it’s all very exciting…

PS. This was Saturday… I don’t know why it sat in the drafts folder… Possibly because it’s not all that interesting?


things I would like to do but am afraid (for either real of artificial reasons)

1.  go on a BLUEPRINT juice detox [WHY NOT: worried I’ll cave. also, it’s hecka pricey!]

2.  go on vacation by myself [WHY: the freedom!]

3.  live on my own [WHY: independence, freedom, being my own person] [WHY NOT: $$, parental ties]

4.  be an early riser [WHY: the peace] [WHY NOT: Duh. though i’m not exactly afraid. I’d like to try it when things aren’t as crazy]

5. dedicate 6 hours to creative writing [WHY: I need to pay my dues] [WHY NOT: I know I won’t have anything to write about after maybe… the first hour? But I suppose that’s the point – to squeeze them words out.]

born alive

things are only as pretentious as you make them to be.

PS. in a few weeks, I might start posting a photo or two. I realize this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news-but since this has been a word-only blog most of time, I thought, i’d give fair warning.

an attack on memory

no one remembers…

that’s what the internet is for.

in other words

what a superb day! had too much pineapple and peach. order has been made.

—-must have productive day tomorrow. much to do. much to live.

EDIT: SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s a whooping 19 degrees today (all time high, I believe) and if I could be outside enjoying it, this wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m not. And the sun’s penetrating rays are heating up the office.

Reaaaally effective way to induce an afternoon slump.

I’ll try really hard not the spend money on an ice-cool drink.

EDIT: I’ve survived. But I’m going to get a pineapple slushy from 7-Eleven when I go home. It’s so stuffy and GUH – this temporary happiness is worth more than the $3 it’ll cost me.

RE-EDIT: Hmm. Or maybe I’ll have the self-control and delay that slushy till tomorrow? I CAN DO IT!!

RE-RE-EDIT: YES! I persevered and to be honest, I’m not craving for the slushy anymore.


I seem to have made double posts – apologies for that.

Anyway, it’s been quiet around here lately. I’ve been bogged down with work and writing commitments, which is lovely, but also tiring. Obviously, some things are on hold (there is one particular piece of writing I am PAINFULLY waiting to hear back about–we’ll see) but all in all – I’m feeling half useful.

My fitness regime is going VERY well. It’s nice, having a habit of exercising. I enjoy it (well, not the cardio, but who really does?) plus I feel stronger and healthier. Food-wise, I’m doing OK. I treat myself and I don’t feel guilty about that.

the flowers in my mother’s garden are in bloom already – if the double digit temperatures lately weren’t enough of an indication that spring is upon us. i can only hope that winter isn’t going to be cruel and come back for a fling in April. Although I must confess that I lament we didn’t get a proper winter this year. I didn’t miss out on making a snowman or anything (not that kind of kid) but i love that chilled peace.

Around this time last year, I welcomed a new addition to my tech family. If all works well, I’ll be composing my posts on a new platform in 2 week’s time 😀