holly, go lightly.

This blog is fastly becoming more of a diary than a thought-based journal. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I dislike listing the day’s happenings but it seems impossible to embark on a rant without explaining why i’m confuse, frustrated or otherwise.

Anyway, I learned some new moves today (dead lifts, the works) and I’ve sincerely decided to amp up my health regime. CUE EXPLANATION: I succumbed to my cravings yesterday. I bought a coffee mexican fries for lunch. It’s an evil sin, I know-which is why I’m going to be more realistic (relatively). The no spending rule was too hard to follow. True, yesterday was the first offence, but I can’t take any chances.

Here’s the new deal: I am allowed one $5 food indulgence (I can save up and spend $10 in a fortnight). Otherwise, it’s NO SUGAR, FAT the rest of the time. Fruits and other organic forms of sugar doesn’t really count. I will also cut back on the carbs: rice, bagels, etc. If I do give into a craving, I have to work off any non-health food I eat in cardio workouts.

So yeah-I’m being hard on myself, but it’ll pay off.


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