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how to DEAL with




May you have a healthy, happy and peaceful new year~~


So I suppose I was too hasty in my making of the New Year’s resolutions. Try as I might, I can’t come out with 3 new poems per day. So I’m going to be reasonable and assign myself 1 new poem per day. That’s still 7 new ones per week-which is pretty insane.

I’ve been working out hard-especially with the legs and shoulders. I really need to more chest presses and crunches though. My trainer’s going to create a roadmap for me so I’m really looking forward to that.

I know this blog’s been getting a bit fitness and food heavy lately-but I’m really trying to hone a healthy routine.

—-These past few days have been a blur, of the slow burning kind. I’d really rather forget about it all but it’s still chewing on me. On top of that, I’ve come down with an ambiguous flu/fever/cold/sickness and am feeling %30 at the moment. Great way to head into the new year.

But I have to soldier on and just deal with it.

holly, go lightly.

This blog is fastly becoming more of a diary than a thought-based journal. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I dislike listing the day’s happenings but it seems impossible to embark on a rant without explaining why i’m confuse, frustrated or otherwise.

Anyway, I learned some new moves today (dead lifts, the works) and I’ve sincerely decided to amp up my health regime. CUE EXPLANATION: I succumbed to my cravings yesterday. I bought a coffee mexican fries for lunch. It’s an evil sin, I know-which is why I’m going to be more realistic (relatively). The no spending rule was too hard to follow. True, yesterday was the first offence, but I can’t take any chances.

Here’s the new deal: I am allowed one $5 food indulgence (I can save up and spend $10 in a fortnight). Otherwise, it’s NO SUGAR, FAT the rest of the time. Fruits and other organic forms of sugar doesn’t really count. I will also cut back on the carbs: rice, bagels, etc. If I do give into a craving, I have to work off any non-health food I eat in cardio workouts.

So yeah-I’m being hard on myself, but it’ll pay off.


laid bare for you.

It’s been deathly cold these past few days and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. It was still hovering above 0 degrees during Christmas, and all of the sudden, temperatures plummet down to minus double digits!

I’ve got all my candles out and burning. Now I wish I’d sweeter, creamier ones rather than the very cleanly scented fruit ones.

I’m craving heart stews and chunky soups!! It;s only Wednesday and I’m finding it next to impossible to keep to my budget. I resisted buying anything yesterday. But last night, I saw a good friend and we were planning a get together.It’s nothing fancy, but as I already used up my fortnightly indulgence (the offee on Monday), I don’t know what to doooo. Sigh, I’m going to create a chart for indulgences and meets. How very high maintenance of me.

Yahoo posted Zoe Deschanel’s fiance details. The break down is as follows:

Salary from TV show “New Girl” — $95,000 per month 
Dining-out expenses — $500 per month
Clothing expenses — $2,000 per month
Laundry/cleaning expenses — $600 per month
Cell phone and email expenses — $300 per month
Charitable donations — $1,500 per month
Credit card debt — $0  

I’m going to modify that and apply it to myself.

Also, lately I’ve grown to like Adele’s music. Her voice still irritates me to a certain degree, but I am fond of the kind of music she makes. All heart and raw.

I’ve made a small dent on my research project so I’m feeling pleased with myself at the moment.

I have 3 ongoing projects that must be completed in the first half of January-so I’m in a rush. But my eyes are tired of starting at the computer screen, so I’m going to take a moment and write some verses.

PS. I’m to much of a foodie to do a juice fast, but I am thinking of doing a no alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or processed food fast. Maybe for 5 days? Don’t know when I’ll do it though, probably during reading week.

UPDATE: one research project done!!

First of 2012

I managed to stay around the $50 budget limit I set for myself in Dec.

I bought coffee today ($2) and I suppose that’s my indulgence used up for this fortnight.

I am going to write my three poems now and do squats and planks when I get home to fill my writing and exercising quota.

I am to finish Franny and Zooey and the Dartmouth Shakespearean lectures this week.

The day passed quickly, as I was deluged with a ton of duties when I got back to work. But I finished all the urgent business and only have a research assignment left. I plan on completing that by the weekend.

Here’s to the first Monday of the year!!!

Delegate, Deliberate, Deliverance

I’ve meet some lovely people in the latter half of 2011 and these meetings have changed me.

I finally feel like I’ve immersed in the real world, a world outside of books and films and my own mentality (whether or not that makes any sense). Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but these meetings encouraged me to think positively. We all lead such different lives, and yet we are somehow interconnected by our thoughts.

Anyhow, here is a new set of resolutions to start off 2012 (in no particular order):

—exercise 4 times a week

—write 1000words (prose) or 3 poems per day

—stop eating so much ice cream and chips!

—stop drink pop and limit coffee to 3 times a week, then 2 times in Feb

—read one new book per week at least

—keep regular skype appointments

—write in both blogs at least once a week