Although it doesn’t look it, this post has undergone some several surgery. I wrote an initial draft a week ago and it was quite negative. I felt underappreciated at work (still do) and a number of other things on top of that added to my general insecurity and fatigue.

BUT it’s the holidays and I’d rather not spend what little time I’ve gone whingeing. So yes-I’m going to try and avoid that.

I’ve come to realize that all kinds of work involve a lot of waiting. One waits for a bread to bake, one waits for paint to dry, one waits for one’s many portable devices to sync, one waits for one’s work to be evaluated, one waits for one’s output to be acknowledged (but is often ignored).

All this waiting is stacked together and at the end of the day, I feel as though I’ve become a human timer just waiting to go off. And yet I never do. There will always be new things to wait for.

And I hate it. I hate inaction. I hate waiting.

I can sit still contemplating about the most trivial of things but that, to me, is more active, more worthwhile, more productive than just waiting. What are we waiting for?


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