Well, October is nearly gone and temperatures have declined to a startling 3 degrees today. The trees are golden with crispy, curling leaves and in time at all, winter seems to be upon us.

It almost seems redundant to remark on my tight schedule and endless list of tasks to tackle. But I must.

My concentration is alternately taken up by either work, literature, or other arts. And then I have people to meet, events to see, rooms to clean.

I’ve been even harder on myself than I used to be. Never giving myself a moment of rest. But strangely enough, I feel good. I feel that I am being productive and that I am making the best use of my time. The only problem is money. I’m earning, but never enough. I try to be frugal when I make purchases but sometimes that doesn’t work out.

I’ve also tightened the reins on my fitness and health. I try to eat better and exercise more. To be sure, I did lose some weight (nothing drastic) but I think that’s a result from general exhaustion. So here’s my resolution:


2. Only eat fast/unhealthy food twice a month

3. Workout as often as possible~!

My mind is all over the place right now, and that’s why this post is hollow and badly written.

Gah—gotta go now.

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