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“to be politically incorrect”

So what does that mean? I took a stroll on the web and came across this definition:

Saying whatever you god-damn wanna say, and expressing your opinions, and not giving a shit if a spineless minority deems it “offensive”.

on Urban Dictionary under the heading politically incorrect (number one was sort of sarcastic-thus I didn’t take it seriously, which is a common occurrence on UD).

But is it really? I have a pretty big fear of offending any particular group – because i know what it’s like to be stereotyped under a plethora of labels just because of my race. When people frist meet me and i tell them i’m horrible at math, they lift their eyebrows and exclaim “but you’re asian!” as if any human being of that genetic strand BY DEFINITION must be a math wiz. Of course, I’m so used to it that if you haven’t been annoying enough, you’re likely to have found that I’m pretty much as unAsian as i can possibly be under the circumstances.

Of course, some asians are automatically excluded from this stereotype, namely the 24/7 clevage showing, skinny blonde-wannabes that litter the world. But I’m being mean here~most of my friends are not of the asian persuasion and thus i have been able to dispel the math myth to a number of folks.

To be exact, I am not so anal that I can’t handle a joke or a snide remark-JUST NOT ON RACE, SEX, ETC. I have a good time putting my sarcasm to practice with one particular buddy because we like our irony (she is asian, and a math major), but we never joke about issues that stem from the Holocaust. So i do have a problem with people that carelessly throw politically incorrect remarks about regarding these topics.

Thankfully, most people are good about that.

Anyway,  actually made me realize just how much more openminded people generally are nowadays. I was surprised to find some of the things under the headings because i didn’t consider them errors of political correctness, just general ignorance or arrogance. For example, number one explains that men are not as drawn to blondes as bees are to honey. Um-yeah. Didn’t the blonde thing “go out of style” a decade ago or something? That’s the thing as well, many of these issues circulate-it’s now fashionable and hot to be a nerd (if you’re an attractive guy that also happens to wear glasses and are into various eclectic interests-because it makes you a rare breed. No one like jocks anymore, in fact, they are labelled the numb blonde of the male species. See what i mean?)

From reading the list, i realized that we weren’t being politically incorrect, we’re just blind to urban legends and daft things our parents tell us.




get to know

Height: 5-4

Shoe Size: 7.5-8

Sexual Orientation: hetero

Do you Smoke? No

Do you Take Drugs? No

Have Tattoos? No

Want any tattoos? Undecided

Got any Piercings? No

Want any piercings? Doubtful-I’ve resisted for this long

Bestfriend? Makes me feel happy and appreciated

Biggest turn ons: voice, wit, charisma, self-awareness

Biggest turn offs: bad hygiene? arrogance

Favourite Movie? Way too many to list, also depends on mood

I’ll love you if: you deserve it?

Someone you miss: my younger, less cynical self

A fact about your personality: intensity

What I hate most about myself: indecisiveness, OCD?

What I love most about myself: curiosity/interest

What I want to be when I get older: happy

My relationship with my parents: complicated

My biggest pet peeves: lateness, rudeness, lack of self awareness

A reason I’ve lied to a friend: avoid argument, save them the embarrassment

What words upset me the most: lazy, waste

What words make me feel best: that i’m seriously passionate about what i do

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly in 2011: live life my way self-sufficiently

What I find attractive in girls: honesty, non-gossipy, endearing

Where I would like to live: Europe, PEI, Britain, NEW ZEALANDDD

One of my insecurities: never being good enough

My childhood career choice: broadcaster

My favourite ice cream: mango & pineapple or sweet cream

Who I wish I could be: myself completely and totally

Where I want to be right now: at a cafe reading (alas, no coffee allowed for me)

The last thing I ate: a banana

Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: uh—too private

A random fact about anything: i love long talks and long walks