the satisfaction of a good deal

I went to the dollar store today to get some random items and it occurred to me that I am insanely frugal (except on food). I don’t like to spend unnecessarily and I believe i’ll continue to feel this way even in the unlikely event i become wildly rich through some means or other. Sure, i might spend less time debating which film deserves a trip to the cinema and $15, but i doubt i’ll frequent that venue more often (unless the film industry gets a kick in the ass and wakes up from its long belated slumber).

I got a pair of new oven gloves today for the grand total of $3.00.

They are thick, cotton and both have rubber covering the fingers to further reduce the chances of me burning myself. I would’ve bought the same thing at a less “embarrassing” (though i see nothing embarrassing with it) shop for a highly inflated rate (i checked–mostly $7 for a pair, higher for fancier ones); but what would be the point?

All of this comes down to one point, i take GREAT satisfaction in finding and getting a good deal. The definition of a good deal varies from one circumstance to the next, and of course from one individual to another. I suppose mine is to get the most economical deal whilst not compromising any of my criteria, which again depends on the item.

For instance [item=1st priority>2nd>3rd]


——OVEN MITTS=protection>cost>look

Get my drift? Some things (like desserts and such) aren’t applied to these hierarchies. So i try to be reasonable-if i can afford it and justify it (special occasion, bad day, etc) sure I’ll splurge. In the end, rules are suppose to make life easier, if it’s giving me too much trouble, then sod it.

Heck, I don’t think I’m coherent anymore. I can feel cramps heading my way-


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