chaos in measured heaps (+links)

Took out three more dozens of audiobooks from the library just now. I went to the hold section and saw that all my Attenborough books (textbook size!) are already available for the taking; but as I’d gone on foot and have no superhuman strength, I’ll have to check those out later (with a car at my disposal). To be certain, I will have elevated my bookish-ness by ten folds by the time I sweep through the entire section.

At any rate, my parents are deeply amused and pleased by my doing so (checking out massive amounts of books) — (heck, I don’t even know how to summarize this craziness). I think it reassures and gratifies them to find out i’m as ambitious and passionate about writing and literature and knowledge as ever.

On another note, I read a post from Garance yesterday that was really encouraging and assuring:

I’ve always struggled a lot with my level of fitness and weight. I’m five feet three and quite curvy (even negating the Asian aspect). I recently found out that I have anemia and my doctor told me to cut down my super physical activities to avoid fainting and headaches–sigh. Writing is a highly intensive mental activity that also taxes the body-I’m trying to treat my anemia as effectively, safely and swiftly as I can. I hate being slowed down by external forces.

Anyway, Mom is going to be calling me for our weekly chats in a few minutes. We started this routine just last week, when she commented that we tend not to communicate via voice (as in we only email) once every few months and it’s always hours long calls because there’s so much to catch up on. So she instated this weekly thing. i’ve got to say I’m not opposed to the idea. Maybe it’s because i’m feeling a bit too excited at the prospect of having so many books to go through (always a good thing in my book–haha). I suppose when the duller weeks (yes, what an actionpacked life i lead) roll by, I’ll have nothing to say.

I have a strange relationship with both my parents. i love them both, obviously and unquestionably; but gosh do we have our differences. And i don’t mean to say this to generate some sort of “woe is me, poor misunderstood struggling artist” sympathy.

Oh, the phone’s ringing–


PS. i’ve prob said this sometime ago already, but just to reiterate: I apologize for all and any gr/sp/cap error. I am far too lazy to spell check–BUT if you do cross across any, drop me a comment to let me know please! You can also obviously drop me a comment to argue against, defend, offer any thoughts on anything i’ve discussed. If my posts bore you, let me know as well (although as this is a personal blog, i’d hardly alter its content to suit other people’s needs).

PPS–just some places I look for inspiration from (in the online world)

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