The Happy List [to be updated]

(in no particular order other than the one in which they pop into my head. Someday I will write the Annoyance List to balance out what could otherwise seem to be this rather painfully relentless cheeriness. Until then:)

—fruit popsicles, frozen yogurt (partial to mango and pineapple), Booster Juice smoothies!

—fresh jams/ preserves

—successful harvests from Chapters/library

—an empty “0 STAR” playlist. The list indicates all the unrated tracks that are in my itunes

—ice cold ginger ale

—honey roasted almonds

—instant noodles (I make great ones with egg, sausage, green onions, mushrooms, tofu and shrimp)

—long baths (which happen about once a year due to my lack of “wasteful time”

—french toast with strawberries, other fruits, no cinnamon, and vanilla ice cream

—fully charged portable devices

—17 degrees weather

—chinese egglant minced beef hot-pot. this list has got too food related. Then again, so what?

—great audio recordings! Some fantastic books got ruined by miscast narrators

—David Attenborough (here we go with the obsessions)

—Marlon Brando

—Alan Rickman

—Viggo Mortensen

—Karl Pilkington



—Carey Mulligan

—Motown music

—COFFEE!!! with hazelnut flavour

—chewy mints (there must be more out there than mentos!)

—semi empty subway carts

—art supply stores

—dynamite rolls


—opaque stockings in various hues

—thick plush carpets resistant to stains ( i don’t spill much, but i have dear ones who do)

—lists, maps, any organizational tool

—empire waist dresses

—wedged heels

—wooly hats

—after eight dark choco mints, s’mores, twix, mcvitiesss

—handwritten letters

—starbucks creme brulee drink (was it a latte? can’t be, i dislike them in general for their association with milk)

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