my mind is still languishing from over-exposure. Hmm. I’m not even sure that sentence makes sense. Anyhow. I’m in the midst of final exams and I couldn’t be more exhausted. Strangely enough, my body is tired from being stiff in one attitude for days. Alas, the end is end-in a fortnight’s time, life as I fear it to be will emerge in its full, terrible glory.

These days, it’s hard to cheer myself up. There is so much out there. There is so much I wish to discard.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had no weight on my shoulders, only the complexity of my dreams and the strength of my desire?

I would so love to post inspiring photos and music and such, but I’m a lazy bum who can’t be bothered to upload it all. Why is media so hard to control?

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