My friend made up that phrase whilst we were discussing the lack of flavour in the mint LifeSavers we snacked on.  I thought it was funny and plan to use it whenever I can. And what better way to spread it around than on a blog?

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The ballet adaptation of Pushkin’s Onegin is showing in town in a couple of weeks and I am pretty excited. The tickets are reasonably priced for an ‘arts buff’ like I am (when you see several shows per season, it can get really costly). I first saw the film version with Ralph Fiennes (swooooooon, even though i can’t vouch for the character he plays) and Liv Tyler (absolutely elf-like!) back years ago. The second last scene of the movie was so beautiful I ripped out the audio so that I could listen to Ralph profess love to Liv over and over again.

I know, i know. That’s slightly obsessive-behavior and kind of creepy. Hush!

Have to go now,


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